World Cup 2010: already an anti vuvuzela petition!

The star of this 2010 World Cup is undoubtedly the vuvuzela. It is this long trumpet in which the Africans blow to support their team. If the vuvuzela amused at the beginning, it is clear that this infernal noise throughout a match annoy some players, as well as many viewers who have to endure the comments with a background noise that resembles a giant buzz. At the end of the Uruguay-France match, French player Yoann Gourcuff complained of the uproar which would have prevented him from communicating with players other than by gestures. “We did not get along with all the noise in the stadium, we could only communicate by gestures, we usually warn a teammate when he’s alone. did he declare. Today, opponents of the vuvuzela have just set up a petition ┬áin order to stop this noise that annoys more and more people.These signatures should then be handed over to FIFA.

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