Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded creators of molecular machines

Nobel Prize in Chemistry, received Jean-Pierre Sauvage , Bernard Feringa and Fraser Stoddart with the wording “for the design and synthesis of molecular machines.” James Fraser Stoddart was born in the 1942nd in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, it operates in the Northwestern University in Evanston, USA. Nobel laureates were 165 people (an English scientist Frederick Sanger is the only one in the history of the awards, has received two Nobel Prizes – in 1958 and 1980).

Detailed information about the winners of the works can be found in the press release of the Committee.

The next step in the development of molecular machines made Scot Fraser Stoddart .

“Here are some of the molecular machinery – motor, muscle memory, a lift and a car.”

On the eve of the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2016 was awarded to David Toulessu scientist, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlittsu for the discovery of topological transitions and topological phases of matter.

“These scientists have created a molecule with controlled movements that can do the job when approaching the energy it”, – reported in the statement of the Nobel Committee.

Employment of new Nobel Prize winners in chemistry derived molecular systems of the impasse in the energy equilibrium and filled states, allowing them to control the movement. Bernard L. Feringa – Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

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The scientists were able to create the smallest car in the world.

Also created from molecular nanorobots can be corrected and the rest of the biochemical function: to clear the blood clots and fatty deposits in the arteries of the heart, to kill harmful bacteria, etc…

Scot Fraser Stoddart synthesized rotaxane – a molecule of the compound consists of a chain, a chain is a free ring, which rests on large structures.

Nobel award for chemistry was awarded today at the 108 th time.

Experts believe that the molecular machines will be able to find application in new materials , sensors or for energy storage systems in medicine. Winners were announced by the Nobel committee in Stockholm. In 1999, the year of Bernard Feringa created a molecular “motor”, forcing the wheel to spin. This is stated in a statement on the official Nobel Prize Twitter-page.

The amount of monetary compensation in the current year will amount to 8 million Swedish kronor (about 953 thousand. Dollars). In 2015 the award went to Thomas Lindahl (UK), Paul Modric (USA) and Aziz Sankara (USA) “for the study of DNA repair mechanism.”

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