WADA has confirmed the break-doping database hackers

Authorized organizations confidently reported that it was Russian hackers of the so called “Tsar’s team” managed to illegally access the data on the medical condition of some famous athletes to the ADAMS system, and, more specifically, to information about Olympians who spoke in Rio.

“WADA has confirmed that the ongoing cyber attacks carried out in order to undermine the reputation of the WADA anti-doping system and the world”, – stated in the notice of the General Director of organization Olivier Niggli . The organizations believe that the attack was committed by Russian hackers, according to a statement WADA.

According to the director general of the organization , Olivier Niggli , similar action undermines the credibility of the Russian Federation in matters of recovery anti-doping system.

Roman Zhukov at the clinic: the singer aggravation after the operation
condition of the singer is stable, but according to the results of medical examination. employees can make a decision about the operation. Famous Soviet and Russian Artist Roman Zhukov urgently taken to one of the best clinics of the capital.
In the computer system of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has carried out a group of Russian hackers attack. They are distributed by the international sports federations and national anti-doping organizations to competitions in Brazil.

Director General of the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA Olivier Niggli announced that a group of Russian hackers Fancy Bear gained access to the database ADAMS without permission. We appeal to the founders, such as the IOC, international sports federations and national anti-doping committees regarding the athletes that are affected by these actions.

The information made public by hackers, says that athletes from the connections of the states during the Olympic Games next year in Brazil used the strongest and sometimes even drugs. “We can say that at least some involvement in the official capital, the government, some Russian services such actions – this is out of the question.” Those responsible for distributing secret information in the agency “found” in the Russian Federation.

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