Apple for the sixth time in a row was the most expensive brand, according to Forbes

Known plainclothes company retains its leadership position in the annual ranking of the most expensive brands in the world. According to the publication, the brand value of $ 154.1 billion. The cost of the brand of the company grew by 44% to $ 52.6 billion. The estimated value of the company, according to the newspaper version, is 82, 5 billion dollars. The three leaders also hit Microsoft with an estimated value of 75, 2 billion dollars. Compared with the previous year, an increase of 26 percent.

At the 2 nd place by a large margin proved the Google brand, but “Apple” has lost a little gap, but “Google” on the contrary, significantly increased.

Professor of Marketing and Branding Specialist Wharton School University of Pennsylvania David Reibstein says that the evaluation brands depends on the willingness of customers to pay at least a high price and the likelihood that it will buy a product of this company.

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Publisher about magazine Forbes published the most expensive brands in the world: Forbes rating was about the most expensive brands in the world, the first place where Apple has won again.

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